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May to September 2007

The summer of 2007 was literally and figuratively in the name of building: the convent for elderly nuns in Nyerma (close to the famous Gompa Thiksey) were near enough the last rooms for the nuns finished. The guest house with six rooms was written in two months. LNA at Leh was built the second floor, so there could be a way up and down so that the building be better insulated from the cold and the nuns in the winter all the time out to do.

Figuratively with LNA was built at a new organizational structure. The staff of Dr.. Tsering Palmo has been extended with a bunch of enthusiastic young nun. Together with the nuns and women of IWP (International Women for Peace in Thailand) that training and education given to the nuns, we discussed what spearheads and priorities are and what knowledge and skills needed to properly run the organization.

Typical of the affairs of Ladakh is often plans and agreements differently than expected. The construction of the guesthouse was so successful that it was ready for even one volunteer had arrived. In LNA, they could have some helping hands to use when sanding, filler and paint. There is a considerable group of volunteers went to work. The way it works is very different than we are accustomed in the Netherlands: You can feel free to barns next to someone who is painting. This is for handymen who are used to work very meticulously to swallow but over time that simply. The result is great anyway!

The nuns are increasingly faced with foreign visitors. It makes sense for them to learn English. In LNA, there were more volunteers this summer for a longer period taught English. Could result in smaller groups to work more efficiently.
The aim is to provide a number of nuns in Nyerma eventually take part in running the guesthouse. For them, a basic knowledge of English is important.

This summer, between mid July and late September in Ladakh had eight volunteers. Most of them combined a few weeks volunteering with a drawing or other travel before or after that time.
As mentioned, the construction of the guesthouse in Nyerma so fast that the job was done for the volunteers who were there wanted to help. Their help in cleaning up and clean was very welcome.
Some volunteers have also started English classes for Nyerma nuns. Except that it is useful to learn English makes it very fun for both the nuns and volunteers.

Besides building is a key component of education and training DFLN. It is impressive to experience how much effort and enthusiasm nuns chances of an education approach. LNA priority is to focus on and commitment to society. This is becoming more visible, people from the area is increasingly relying on the nuns for ceremonies, such as a death, or come for advice and support when they are in a difficult situation. Women from the region meet regularly to hand and clamping services in LNA. In recent years, appreciation and acceptance of the nuns from the local population has increased dramatically. That has to do with education and training.

We hope for enough sponsors so the nuns can continue their education and young people the chance to start there.
For guesthouse in Nyerma we hope in the years to have enough money for a room and kitchen to build for the volunteers who received guests, and a small shop for everyday things that visitors may need.

Finally, come see for yourself how special this place is!
By: Aniek Jaartsveld, volunteer coordinator DFLN

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