Marlies Bosch

Activities Summer 2005

We are pleased to inform you about developments of DFLN activities during the summer.
Although there three weeks before leaving for Ladakh, on June 5, with just looked like we would leave Euro 3000, started from the moment in South Horn had organized an Open House that yielded 650 Euro, the money flowing. We went to Euro 7000 and 1000 Dollars to Leh!

Three students from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut in the U.S., one day had arrived for Marlies. It took three weeks before they could finally start the work for which they had come: the building of the monastery Nyerma. Yet they were polite, friendly and patient. They used the time to Geshe of the LNA and the nuns to teach English, while they themselves learned Ladakhi expressions. After they were withdrawn by Mr.. Yeshe, who led the building has assumed and lived near the site, they started filling the gaps between the foundations of the rooms. A few weeks later for the stones of clay, and they could begin construction of five rooms. Meanwhile, the first five rooms painted inside, there were windows in the windows and the floors were filled with cement and finished. There are ten beds waiting for the first inmates, who will withdraw in mid-September. There is a planned ceremony, the Rinpoche of the monastery Thiksey will be present. As patron of the DFLN Erica Terpstra was probably also at the ceremony because she is planning a visit around that time, Ladakh and the LNA projects bring. The board of the Ladakh Nuns Association, including the new monastery in Chhatnyanling Nyerma fall, has decided to two senior nuns, and Lobsang Lobsang Dolma Dolkar, for their work to give an allowance of 3000 rupees (about U.S. $ 60) per month until the monastery is finished.
During a meeting with the board of the Ladakh Nuns Association has discussed the problem that Mr. Yeshe dependent on someone who comes to Ladakh to the available funds for the building materials market. This year we have therefore two precious months of the short summer in Ladakh lost. So we look for ways for the money before the summer begins with Mr.. Yeshe get. Fortunately this year by Heike Meier went to Ladakh, and early October, Erica Terpstra certainly take € 1000 for the purchase of materials for the next season.


We have learned much from the first experiences with volunteers who help in Ladakh. Two Dutch students came to Ladakh in March, and that visit was not successful. There was no money and so there were no materials for building, something we had not taken into account. We realize that there are criteria needed for future volunteers who want to be active and we must prepare them for the cultural differences between Europe and Ladakh. Since appointments are not always met exactly, so there is a high degree of flexibility and inventiveness of volunteers. If you feel sure to personally contribute to the construction of the monastery for the next summer: please contact us.
For next year at least three volunteers have registered:
A Dutch woman who wants to put nuns on the Western diet, in case people do for a long time all inclusive come and stay.
An American woman who for decades has taught English at the international school in Groningen, next spring for a long time to Ladakh to develop a curriculum for teaching English as a second language. Volunteers are sometimes for only a few weeks and try to connect where a predecessor left off. Now is a methodology developed so that progress can take place.
An American researcher is an investigation into the situation of nuns in Ladakh. The exact assignment is not yet clear.

Puja for sponsors

At the initiative of the Ladakh Nuns Association was a very special ceremony performed by ten monks: they prayed one day long with singing and rituals for all the people who sponsor the nuns with their gifts. During these prayers, there were a Buddha on the altar of dough, surrounded by numerous dough figurines, the sponsors. Increasingly became a figure put on a plate, which was carried out after the blessings that the universe in all directions were sent to the sponsors.
After that Geshe Tarchin the nuns taught one week long. Some old nuns have prayed outside, but recently they also get lessons in reading and writing. That is very unique, and the nuns felt blessed.

Special assistance

The DFLN experienced this year to support two special women: Doris Eddelbüttel and Nel Willekens.
Doris Eddelbüttel, a German woman who last year collaborated longer time in the LNA, in its homeland around 800 leaflets sent to Buddhist centers. As a result, slowly in donations from Germany. The first shipment (€ 700) has already found its way to Ladakh: a friend gave it to Mr. Marlies. Yeshe presented during her trip to Leh. It is intended for the monastery to be built in Nyerma. Doris has all Catholic nunneries in Germany reputation. Some of them have been relatively large donations received.
Nel Willekens, who has built a convent Temisgang was one of the women who made it possible for the additional amount Nyerma this summer to get together. It wants us the addresses of the sponsors of Temisgang give to inform them that the DFLN Nel now works. We also want Temisgang builders of the voluntary approach: perhaps they want to experience such an experience again! We will Abbess Temisgang, Amchi Thupstan we ask the tool is left to borrow to build the monastery.
A Dutch couple, Hank and Ada Knol, which runs a camp in France, Les Matherons ", decided the contents of their 'tip box' for the DFLN be allocated. They also want a nun in the shelter of the LNA lived for three years 'adopt' this summer and they have tickets sold, the proceeds intended for the nuns.

Sponsorship of four young nuns

At this time we want to show photos of four young nuns by personal circumstances no longer can stay in their monastery. They have therefore lost their sponsors and are desperately looking for new people who want to help them to complete their studies. They are admitted to the school of Kachoe Gaghyil Kopan Monastery, by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa was founded, but because the monastery is overcrowded, they do not live so they have a room to rent near the monastery. If you feel connected with them and want to help, please contact us. They are four brave young women who want to return after graduation to Ladakh where to start their own convent nuns who have 7 waiting for them. They first lived in the Mahabodhi Monastery.

Upcoming activities

On December 10, in Almere is an organized day Tibet, where Marlies Bosch will give a presentation on the situation of the nuns in Ladakh.
We will follow the example of Doris Eddelbüttel and a letter to all Catholic nunneries in the Netherlands with a request for support from solidarity with women's monasteries in the Tibetan tradition.
It is important to us that there is continuity in the entry of donations, because we plan to have three years to complete this project with five guest rooms where people an all inclusive vacation meditative account. This allows the monastery is self-supporting in the future. We put this site all information about the plans for the monastery and the price of one square meter of the various components. Would you feel if you approve a particular part of the building to take you. You can also specific items such as books for the nuns, tools for the kitchen or establishment of the temple 'buy'. We hope that over three years the monastery can run without outside help.

Special request

We get some donations from people whose addresses we can not find it on the transfer. We like personal contact with our sponsors and to notify them of the progress of our projects. If you feel them, let us through the contact form to know your name and address.

Finally, our website is on average 1200 times a month. Many people react and we invite you to continue to do that especially!

The board of the DFLN
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