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This year started well. During the board meeting on February 26 jl got a lot of news on the table. We would like to share with you there and hope that is helping us.

Directors expanded

The board has been expanded with several new members:

Giny in Ladakh Brummelhuis knows well and Dr. Tsering Palmo attended regularly. Giny last year organized a meeting in Gouda where people could meet the life of nuns in Ladakh. The DFLN gave a presentation there. Giny has agreed to join the board to sit down.

Doris Eddelbüttel has long been in Ladakh Tsering Palmo's work assisted the LNA. Germany was very active in raising funds for DFLN. So she sent posters and leaflets to all Buddhist centers, which are still comments coming. Besides Doris sent a mailing to all Catholic women's monasteries in Germany, where donations come. She was in January 2006 in Ladakh again and make the report in its own newsletter .

Joe Lea has agreed to the American branch of the DFLN more impetus. We already have a U.S. bank account, an American president as well, but it still lacked the energy to actually be active in this great country. Joe Lea is a librarian of a women's prison in Connecticut and also a lawyer, the latter may be able to assist us in the U.S..


Following our German director Doris Eddelbüttel DFLN, the Secretary of the Netherlands also a mailing to the Roman Catholic nunneries in the Netherlands, and with stunning results! We were already € 6000.00 in our account to see provided for the construction of the monastery near Thiksey. The monastery now has a name: Gaden Chhatnyanling.

Last December was a grant for the DFLN Gaden Chhatnyanling to the development organization Cordaid for a building for the twenty nuns who this summer will populate the new monastery. Next to a school function, the school building for other purposes. Cordaid proposes an investment of € 12,500.00 is available under the condition that amount that we can bring yourself together. With operations in Germany and the Netherlands, we have to build the monastery now has more than € 9,000.00 is available. In the coming months we need your help so hard against them for the remaining € 3500.00 to get together. We are convinced that it will succeed. Any donation you give is worth double!

For the coming year have already volunteered to go to Ladakh. The first, an anthropologist, is April 30, she will cooperate where necessary, including the building. Furthermore, as from June 5 an American anthropology student at Harvard, receiving a study into the state of the nuns in Ladakh. A comparative study was 5 years ago. A lot has changed, and that is the Ladakh Nuns Association mapping, thereby partly to the policy for the next five years to determine. Further, a German student to help build and one of the American Wesleyan students who helped last year, backs up his thesis and also to get back to work on the construction of the monastery. On May 22 arrives a volunteer who will give the nuns teach English, will also be working with the nuns try out how they can learn healthy cooking with local products.

We now have more people who have a deed to be recorded DFLN for the work of the monastery or nuns to sponsor. The notary was there very friendly and helps us to work cheaper for our charity. For information on donations through a notarial deed and the tax advantages it offers, please contact us.

A number of young nuns of the Mahabodhi Monastery has left because of their religious superiors decided that their convent in another tradition, Theravada, shall go. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that, it is just as full as the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, not only are the nuns in this tradition grew. Some of these students now in the Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. Because they contain lots of nuns, is for the Ladakhi nuns house no more room, so they live outside the monastery. We now have a number of people willing to sponsor them, knowing that after graduation these nuns will return to Ladakh to other nuns there to teach. We are still looking for a few of these nuns support. A sum of € 300.00 per year.

The LNA looking for ouderere nuns who now live in the monastery Chhatnyanling new sponsors for the first time being living. In the longer term, the sponsorship unnecessary. Once the complex is finished, and there are also young, educated nuns will live, they contribute to the livelihood of their older sisters. In addition, the guest rooms will provide for income. The first few years is not yet the case. We estimate that for an older non per year an amount of € 200.00 will be sufficient. Of course, any donation will benefit all nuns.

Acitviteiten in 2006

The board has decided on 14 May 1913 and a Ladakh Festival organized. This is a great feast. Reservations for the three-course Asparagus Benefit Dinner on May 14 is recommended! One thing is certain: the local middle Zuidhorn sponsoring the expenses thereof, so that revenues for the project to 100% of the convent!

We are working on updating both the poster and the leaflet. We have, after consultation with Doris Eddelbüttel, Dr. Palmo promised her to help with the design of a poster and a leaflet for the nuns in Ladakh itself more to bring to the attention of thousands of tourists who annually visit Ladakh. Most of them do not even know that in addition to the monasteries for monks are also 28 convents. Because they are not spectacular temples and old, and the nuns no festivals, they fall less. The LNA wants to change this. The nuns do in the summer to organize a weekly briefing, which tourists will be invited. Of course we hope that the financial support that the monks will get the nuns to share will fall. The ultimate goal of financial independence is DFLN all nuns in Ladakh. If you have questions or are interested in a presentation to a group of people, you can always contact us for an appointment .

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