Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns

to support tibetan-buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India



Ways to support

Even after ten years we still need the support of sponsors. The DFLN is a small foundation with clear goals. Your donation will reach its proper destination. Our main goal is nuns being self-supporting in the near future. You can contribute in different ways:

There are three groups of nuns who are eligible for a sponsor:

LNA Nunnery


lna-groep The first group of nuns live in the nunnery of the Ladakh Nuns Association in Leh. They study at different schools. Currently a group of eleven nuns is being supported by the Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns. In addition, German, French, Swiss people sponsor a number of nuns. Sponsoring a nun (by one or more people) is possible for an amount of € 300,00 or €400,00 euro per year per nun, depending on the kind of education the nun follows. If she studies outside Leh for higher studies she needs € 400,00 for her studies and livelihood.

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Chattnyanling Nunnery


nyerma-groep There is a group of fourteen older nuns in Nyerma, the new nunnery nearby Thiksey that was built in 2004 by the DFLN. These nuns need support for food and health. Because of their age the nuns have an increasing demand of medicines, hearing aids, glasses and walking devices. They will need about € 200,00 euro per nun per year to cover their expenses. Since September 2013 five young girls have moved in to the nunnery, coming from the remote areas in Zanskar, to get an education and maybe in the future to become a nun. They need € 300,00 each per year. We are looking for new sponsors for them. The income from the guesthouse that was opened in 2008 adds to the cost of their livelihood.

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Gephel Shadrubling Nunnery


gephel groep The third group of nuns lives in the Gephel Shadrubling nunnery in Sabu. Four of the five nuns who study elsewhere in the country or Nepal to become Geshe-ma’s are already supported. These nuns need € 400,00 euro per year. Two years ago thirteen young girls came to live in this nunnery from Zangskar. They would need € 300,00 each per year for studies, clothes and food. A wonderful Dutch supporter supported for the first two years all of these young nuns but she will stop her contribution soon. For three young nuns we found sponsors already but we still need another ten sponsors to support these young girls as soon as possible.

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You can support a nun by contacting the sponsor coordinator Ingrid Foeken. You can transfer the required amount to: Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns. We will transfer the sponsor money twice a year to the various nunneries.

Triodos Bank: IBAN NL60TRIO0390100560, DFLN in Briltill. BIC: TRIONL2U

You can also support projects for different monasteries. These projects are mainly educational.

  1. The Doctor’s medical training of nuns in the Ladakh Nuns Association
  2. Training and teaching materials for the Gephel Shadrubing monastery
  3. Medical funds mainly for the support of the elderly nuns in Ladakh
  4. Medical funds for the community work of the Ladakh Nuns Association
  5. Maintenance of the Nyerma convent for elderly nuns
  6. General

The Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi nuns is a PBI foundation, registered with number 811729266. This means that we are accepted by the Dutch Tax Bureau as such. It also means you can deduct your gifts form your income-taxes, and we don't have to pay income taxes.

Ways to support us financially:

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